We believe in the significance of beloved objects – in things which develop an individuality through daily use and become essential companions over time. But how does that love emerge, anyway? We currently agree with Harry Gordon Frankfurt, American philosopher and ex-professor at Princeton University: Objects and individuals take on greater significance when we care about them.

That’s why we aim to collaborate with a production site which handles our materials most carefully; and we’re happy to have found a traditional family business at the wonderful river of Dunajec in Poland where skilled technicians work on the bags-to-be with pride and rhythm. Since several experts gather beneath the same roof the development of the bag is being accompanied collectively, somehow organic, which is different to highly specialized factories. Working together has always been an essential token throughout history of the business as its employees used to manufacture folkloric products mainly made from natural leather, too.

We believe in the significance of beloved objects and hope that by trusting in excellent materials, distinguishable design and traditional craftsmanship, our products can join you as essential companions.